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ATL type AT tapchanger Tapchanger Spares for ATL AT, Fuller HS and Ferranti DS2 Ferranti DS2 tapchanger on a 22kV line regulator

Eng-Com Pty Ltd is an independent engineering company specialising in technical support for British manufactured On-Load Tapchangers.

We are the former Australian service centre for Ferranti Tapchangers Limited and former accredited supplier of spare parts and site service for the Fuller Electric / HSPT / Associated Tapchangers Limited (ATL) range. Tapchanger spares have also been supplied from Powerserve as pattern parts for equipment from English Electric, GEC and AEI to name but a few.

In August 2018 our tapchanger spares and service business was sold to Fundamentals Australia Pty Ltd based in Prospect, NSW. This company is a wholey owned subsidiary of UK based Fundamentals Ltd who are the manufacturer of the SuperTAPP SG automatic voltage control relay for tapchanger control. Fundamentals also own Ferranti Tapchangers.

Eng-Com will continue to supply tapchanger technical support to Fundamentals Australia.

Eng-Com is owned by David Peck whose experience with tapchangers and switchgear includes employment with Crompton Parkinson, British Electric Transformer, Hawker Siddeley Power Transfomers and Associated Tapchangers in the UK, and Hawker Siddeley Brush, Wilson Transformer, Ampcontrol, Tyree and EDT in Australia. Eng-Com Pty Ltd was founded in 2001.

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